Posted on December 19th, 2017 / Arthur

2.3 Release Notes

Booster Crafting is Finally Here!

The much anticipated Booster Crafting feature has finally arrived! You can now use your duplicates to craft brand-new cards you don’t own yet!

Looking to get that last Uncommon in Origins to complete the full set? Look no further! Or maybe you’re trying to acquire that perfect Mythic to finish off your Hour of Devastation deck. Craft away!

For full details on the system, check out our Booster Crafting announcement here: Booster Crafting Details
Thank you all so much for your patience, and we hope you enjoy crafting your new, non-duplicate cards!

Bug Fixes

  • (Android) Fixed an issue with Battle loading in the Hour of Revelation event
  • Fixed a display error with the ability cost of: Inverter of Truth, Cyclone Sire, Drana’s Chosen, Walker of the Wastes
  • Fixed a loading screen error with a node in Hour of Devastation


  • Minor text adjustments
  • (iOS) Supports iOS 11.1

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