Posted on January 21st, 2019 / Arthur

Hi Everyone,

Here are the release notes for the R170 update!

MPQ 170!

  • Prepare to get your feet wet with the upcoming arrival of the Prince of Atlantis!

What’s Changed:

  • Selecting the “Train Power with Cover” button can no longer select the “Train Power with Command Points” button in the Character Information page.
  • Many powers that were not playing a sound effect the first time they were fired are now correctly playing a sound effect. Here are the list of powers affected:
    • Agent Coulson (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) – Best Laid Plans, Call the Cavalry
    • Ant-Man (Scott Lang) – Small Time Crooks
    • Black Bolt (Inhuman King) – Silent King
    • Black Panther (T’Challa) – Defense Grid
    • Black Widow (Gray Suit) – Pistol
    • Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) – Acrobatic Takedown, Tell Me Everything
    • Cable (Nathan Summers) – Cyborg Strategist
    • Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) – Photonic Barrage
    • Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel) – Sonic Boom, Strategic Command
    • Cloak & Dagger (Classic) – Pocket Dimension, Light Knives
    • Cyclops (Classic) – Combined Forces, Called Shot, Uncanny Strategist
    • Daken (Classic) – Chemical Reaction
    • Daredevil (Matt Murdock) – Hand-to-Hand, Sonar Strike
    • Deadpool (It’s Me, Deadpool) – A Little Off the Top
    • Devil Dinosaur (Gigantic Reptile) – Prehistoric Bite
    • Doctor Octopus (Classic) – Tentacles
    • Domino (X-Force) – Knock Them Down
    • Elektra (Assassin) – Crippling Blow
    • Gambit (Classic) – Ragin’ Cajun
    • Gambit (Modern) – Stacked Deck
    • Gamora (Awesome Mix Volume 2) – Deadly Strike
    • Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) – Judgement Day, Damnation
    • Hawkeye (Modern) – Electric Arrow, Speed Shot
    • Howard the Duck (Howard, A Duck) – Duck, Duck, Loose!, Bill of Rights, The Quack-Fu One-Two
    • Jean Gray (Phoenix) – Psychic Flames
    • Lockjaw (Royal Bulldog) – The Dog That Bit You (Passive), Royal Escort: Resonance Frequency
    • Magneto (Classic) Coercive Field, Polarizing Force
    • Miles Morales (Spider-Man) – Power & Responsibility
    • Moon Knight (Mark Spector) – Moonsilver Blades, Lunacy
    • Moonstone (Dark Avengers) – Gravity Warp
    • Nico Minoru (Runaways) – Try Not To Die
    • Okoye (Warrior General) – Indomitable Spirit, Piercing Throw
    • Peggy Carter (Captain America) – Legendary Presence
    • Prowler (Aaron Davis) – On The Prowl
    • Punisher (MAX) – Punish/Army of One
    • Rocket & Groot (Awesome Mix Volume 2) – Rocket’s Pack, Don’t Push This Button
    • Rogue (Classic) – Power Siphon
    • Sandman (Flint Marko) – Sand Blast, Shifting Sands
    • Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) – Hex Bolt
    • Shuri (Master Engineer) – Vibranium Virtuoso
    • Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacy) – Kick Out the Jams
    • Spider-Man (Peter Parker) – Web Shot
    • Star Lord (Legendary Outlaw) – Everyone With Me
    • Storm (Classic) – Wind Storm
    • Storm (Modern) – Hailstorm
    • Taskmaster (Tony Masters) – A Little Off the Top, Nuts From Above, Take Cover, Ruthless Precision, Twin Pistols, The Quack-Fu One-Two, Nightstalker, Moonsilver Blades
    • Thanos (The Mad Titan) – Infinite Power, Come and Get Me
    • Thor (Gladiator) – God of Thunder, Asgardian Tactics
    • Venom (Agent Venom) – Symbiotic Assault
    • Vulture (Adrian Toomes) – Circling Prey, Hybrid Tech Slicer
    • War Machine (James Rhodes) – Aerial Assault
    • Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) – Tactical Intuition, Wasp Sting
    • Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men) – Adamantium Slash, Feral Claws
    • Wolverine (Patch) – Berserker Rage
    • Yondu (Awesome Mix Volume 2) – Yaka Parachute, Centaurian Archery, Ravager’s Ruse
  • Fixed a small visual artifact with Cloak and Dagger’s icon.
  • Fixed a small visual artifact with Emma Frost’s icon in Stepford Cuckoos (Psychic Teens)’s Synergy Perk

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