Posted on October 10th, 2019 / Michael

Rise up with Miguel O’Hara as he takes on the mantle of Spider-Man as the newest 4-star character in Marvel Puzzle Quest.  Learn more about Spider-Man 2099 in the latest new character developer blog.

Have you ever wondered what Spider-Man might be like in a dark and dystopian future? Well wonder no more! Spider-Man 2099 is a darker, grittier Spider-Man, as befits the megacorporation dominated Nueva York he calls home. He’s got no compunctions about doing whatever it takes to aid the oppressed populace and give power back to the people.

In Marvel Puzzle Quest, Spider-Man 2099 greatly enhances any Spider-based team, providing a quick, reliable source of Web tiles. In addition, he enables you to quickly stun and eliminate enemies with his paralytic venom. On top of that, he can call in temporary help from bands of freedom fighters to set up and deal massive blows to opponents.

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The biggest challenge in making Spider-Man 2099 was finding a unique mechanical identity for him. There are quite a few Spider-people in MPQ, with a wide variety of powers. That said, the dystopian nature of Spider-Man 2099 allowed us to tell new stories with the character, stories couldn’t be told with anyone else. After all, what other Spider-Man has fought alongside mohawked, gun toting punks with cyber-limbs?

Spider-Man 2099 is the perfect fusion of cyberpunk and Spider-Man, and his abilities in MPQ reflect this. Just like the comics, he works very well with his other Spider counterparts, enabling some pretty nasty all Spider teams.

We really hope you enjoy his release in Marvel Puzzle Quest during this Anniversary Season and we look forward to everyone’s feedback.  To learn more about his powers, please visit our FAQ HERE for more details.

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– Demiurge Team

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