Posted on November 29th, 2023 / MARVEL Puzzle Quest

Introducing: Support Shards, Support Favoriting, and Support Rank Up!

As part of our planned Supports rework, we’re thrilled to bring you a new way to “Rank Up” the Supports currently in your roster! We felt that the previous system of acquiring a higher Ranked support relied too heavily on luck of the draw, especially for higher Ranked Supports. To remedy this, we’ve created a new pathway that is more rewarding for all players to Rank Up their Supports.

Terms to Know

Rank Up: The action of raising a Supports Rank using Shards or by obtaining a higher-Ranked Support

Support Shards: Shards that are used to Rank Up a Support

Support-Specific Shards: Support Shards that are for a specific Support, usually gained after pulling a duplicate of that Support

Wildcard Support Shards: Support Shards that can be applied to any Favorited Support

Support Favoriting: The act of selecting a Favorite Support in the Support roster. The Favorited Support will then receive any future Wildcard Support Shards that are obtained.

How Does it Work?

Previously, players could only acquire higher Ranked supports by pulling a higher Rank of that particular support from a pack. This meant that players had to get lucky in both pulling the particular Support they wanted and hope it was a higher Rank than the one they currently had on their roster. We aim to improve this.

With Support Shards, you can now obtain Shards for your Supports that will allow them to Rank Up to the next rarity tier once the Support reaches max level! You can obtain these Shards in two ways:

  1. Pulling a duplicate of a Support of the same, or lesser, rarity
  2. Obtaining Wildcard Support Shards

Unlocking Rank Up with Max Level

Supports must be at the max level for their Rank to unlock the ability to Rank Up using Support Shards. Supports that Rank Up remain at the same level when entering the next Rank, meaning they must level up further to unlock the ability to Rank Up again.

Breaking Down Duplicate Supports 

Previously, redeeming a Support Token and obtaining a duplicate Support of the same or lesser rarity as an already-owned Support only granted the player a handful of Red Iso-8. This made it especially difficult to get a Support to Rank 4 or Rank 5, since there was no way to make progress through the Ranks without a lucky pull. Now, every duplicate pull of a Support will automatically break that duplicate down into both Red Iso-8 and Support Shards. This means that every duplicate pull is now progress towards the next Support Rank!

Wildcard Support Shards and Support Favoriting

Pulling duplicates is great if you are still able to Rank Up that Support, but what if that particular Support is already maxed out at Rank 5? Wildcard Support Shards and Support Favoriting solve this dilemma!

You can now Favorite a Support, similar to what already exists for Heroes on your roster. Favoriting a Support ensures that any Wildcard Support Shards that are obtained will automatically apply to that Support. Wildcard Support Shards are automatically granted whenever you pull a duplicate of any Support that is already Rank 5.

How Many Shards to Rank Up?

To determine how many Support Shards are needed to Rank Up a Support to the next tier, please reference the following chart:

*For Rank 5, players obviously can’t Rank Up to Rank 6 since it doesn’t exist. This value is set this way so it will grant a player 1400 Wildcard Support Shards if they pull a duplicate Rank 5 support, which is enough Support Shards to take a Rank 1 Support to Rank 4!

How Many Shards are Earned for Duplicate Supports?

For any duplicate pulls of a Support that can still progress to a higher Rank, the player will be granted an amount of Support-specific Shards equal to 1/10th of the duplicate’s “Shards to Next Rank” from the chart above.

For example, if you pull a Rank 1 Vintage Shield Support when you already have another Rank 1 or higher Vintage Shield Support, the duplicate Rank 1 Support will be automatically broken down into 10 Vintage Shield Support Shards and Red Iso-8.

Support-Specific Shards

Please see the following chart for a quick-reference guide to the amount of Support-specific Shards a duplicate will generate:

*If a Support is at Rank 5, duplicates cannot be broken down into Shards for that specific Support, since the Support-specific Shards would have no use on a Rank 5 Support. Instead, a duplicate Rank 5 pull will only grant Wildcard Shards.

Wildcard Shards

For duplicates of any Supports which are already Rank 5, the maximum Rank, the duplicate will be broken down into Wildcard Support Shards instead of Support-specific Shards. Please see the following chart for a quick-reference guide to the amount of Wildcard Support Shards that a duplicate of a Rank 5 Support will generate:

Update: Rank 5 updated to 1400 shards to correct previously inaccurate 1600 number.

Wildcard Support Shard Pack Bonuses

Every time you redeem a Support token and open a Support pack, you will receive bonus shards! Here’s how many you’ll receive for each type:


Will obtaining a higher Ranked Support automatically Rank Up that Support like it did previously?


What if all the Supports I own are Rank 5 and I pull a duplicate?

An eligible Support that you do not own will be chosen at random, and that Support will receive the Wildcard Support Shards.

Are Infinity Stones included in the new Support Shard system?

Yes, Infinity Stones will be able to take advantage of the new system.

Will current Supports be updated to increase the utility with this new system?

Yes, just like characters, some supports will undergo a rebalance.