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What’s New

New Collection: Puzzle Masters (PMA), has arrived!

A brand new and exclusive collection only in Magic: Puzzle Quest! 

New Collection: Puzzle Masters (PMA)

    • 9 New Cards
      • 4 Tokens
    • 1 New Planeswalker
    • 2 New Mechanics

New Mechanics

Improved Gems

  • Improved Gems are special gems created by effects present only in PMA cards and Planeswalkers. Each Improved gem will have an unique effect, according to its color.
  • An Improved Gem lasts until it is destroyed, either by a match or by another effect (such as board destruction).
  • In the first release of PMA, only the red version of the Improved gems, the Ignited Gem, will be available in the game.


  • Ignite is the red version of Improved Gems, it can only affect red gems. If there are no available gems during an ignition, a gem of other color will be converted and then Ignited;
  • Ignite hint reads: “When an Ignited Gem is destroyed, destroy a block of 3×3 gems around it. Ignited gems count as Improved gems.”

Mana Field

  • Mana Field is a new mechanic for supports, that features a special effect whenever the player makes a match within a specific zone around the support’s gem.
  • Mana Field hint reads: “This support irradiates an area of effect around it. Whenever you make your first match in your turn inside the irradiated area, this support triggers its Mana Field ability.”

New Planeswalker:

Chandra: Ignited

There is no virtue in subtlety – at least not as far as Chandra Nalaar is concerned. She’s a confident, ardent, defiant Planeswalker whose specialty is pyromancy: spells of fire, fire, and more fire.


  • Living Fire – Cost 6
      • Level 1: Activate 3: Create a Fleeting Elemental token.
      • Level 2: Activate 3: Deal 1 damage to the first opposing creature. Create 2 Fleeting Elemental tokens.
      • Level 3: Activate 3: Deal 2 damage to the first opposing creature. Create 2 Fleeting Elemental tokens.
      • Level 4: Activate 4: Deal 2 damage to the first opposing creature. Create 2 Fleeting Elemental tokens.
    • Pyromancer’s Gauntlet – Cost 12
      • Level 1: Create a copy of Pyromancer’s Gauntlet on the board under your control.
      • Level 2: Create a copy of Pyromancer’s Gauntlet on the board under your control. Then, draw a card.
      • Level 3: Create a copy of Pyromancer’s Gauntlet on the board under your control. Then, draw 2 cards.
      • Level 4: Create a copy of Pyromancer’s Gauntlet on the board under your control. Then, draw 3 cards.
  • Aether Ignition – Cost 21
    • Level 1: Create an Aether Ignition token.
    • Level 2: Create an Aether Ignition token. Then. deal 5 damage to each opposing creature. 
    • Level 3: Create an Aether Ignition token. Destroy 5 non-Red gems. Then. deal 5 damage to each opposing creature.
    • Level 4: Create an Aether Ignition token. Destroy X non-Red gems. Then. deal X damage to each opposing creature. X is the number of Red gems.

New Bundles: 

    • Chandra, Ignited Bundle
    • Chandra, Ignited Deck Starter
    • Complete Spellbook Bundle
    • Chandra Spellbook Light
    • Chandra Spellbook
    • Chandra Spellbook Best

New Event: 

    • Colors of Magic
      • PvP
      • Rank Rewards and Progression Rewards
      • Entrance Fee: 20 Mana Crystals
      • Standard
      • All Planeswalkers’ colors are allowed.
      • 2 Nodes
      • Recharge Time: 23h30
        • Initial Charges (per node): 4 | Max Charges (per node): 8
      • Duration: 46h


Card Changes

  • The card Mystic Crusader is now displaying the correct Subtype: Human Nomad Mystic.

Other Changes

  • From The Vault (FtV) changes.
    • As previously informed, from this release there will be new behaviors and rules regarding the From The Vault series. Now that we had already released Odyssey, Torment, and Judgment, we decided to put them together in a block, the Odyssey Block.

Regular Booster:

Instead of a booster for each set (ODY, TOR, and JUD), we combined the three sets in one booster that will enter the rotation of regular boosters in the Vault.

  • Now, the cards from the sets of this block are considered regular and will lose the Exclusive tag.
  • There will be 02 (two) options:
  1. Booster Pack: 5 cards booster;
  2. Super Pack: 3x Boosters Pack (5 cards each).
  • The individual boosters will still be available in events and rewards.

Booster Crafting:

The cards from the  Odyssey Block will now be available in the Booster Crafting.

  • The three sets will be together under the From The Vault category.

Crafting Cost

Uncommon: 400 Mana Orbs

Rare: 800 Mana Orbs

Mythic: 4,000 Mana Orbs

Masterpiece: 8,000 Mana Orbs

  • This is the amount of mana orbs you will receive for duplicates in the ODY Block boosters.
    • Uncommon: 20 Mana Orbs
    • Rare: 100 Mana Orbs
    • Mythic: 500 Mana Orbs
    • Masterpiece: 2500 Mana Orbs

Future Sets:

Here are some guidelines  in advance about  how potential From The Vault series will be treated in the future.

  • New From the Vault sets will not become part of the ODY Block.
  • New sets will have their own boosters at first, just like  ODY, TOR, and JUD did. 
  • New From the Vault sets will not be added to the Booster Crafting yet
  • When we release other FtV sets, we will at some point combine them into a block, just like the Odyssey Block
  • This new block will be added to the Booster Crafting under the From The Vault category together with the other older sets.
  • Quest Journal Improvements:
      • Change the Health Potion Cooldown to 3 minutes instead 30 minutes for The Guiding Journal for New Players.
      • We have added a tutorial for the Daily Quest and The Guiding Journal for New Players.
    • The Adamant and Identity objectives had their texts changed as follows:
  • Adamant

“Match {0} or more {Color} gems during a single fight.”


“Match {0} or more {Color} gems with swaps during a single fight.”

  • Identity

“Match {0} or more gems of your Planeswalker colors during a single fight.”


“Match {0} or more gems of your Planeswalker colors with swaps during a single fight.”

  • We added a Home button on the after match screen as follows.


  • Fixed some minor text issues.
  • Fixed an issue with Magoi, the Waterveil not giving extra swaps when the match was done before the player’s first swap.
  • Fixed some issues with the Assault objective. (Zendikar Expeditions – Trails of Shatterskull
  • The Sacrifice objective is now correctly counting exiled creatures in some Origins encounters.
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s target creature would still take damage after Gideon’s Defeat exiled the enemy’s creature.
  • Fixed an issue where Profane Procession would move the exiled creature to the opponent’s battlefield instead of the player’s when the enemy had full hand.
  • Fixed an issue when cycling Unpredictable Cyclone would trigger Unpredictable Cyclone on the battlefield.
  • Fixed an issue where Time to Feed’s Ferocious turns would buff and destroy the target creature instead of just buffing.
  • Fixed an issue where Mythos of Vadrok was not dealing the correct amount of damage to opposing creatures.
  • Fixed an issue where Day’s Undoing was being cast and cards were being drawn even after pressing the Not Now button on the prompt.
  • Fixed an issue where Centaur Garden was not triggering its first effect when there was another gem conversion card on the board.
  • Fixed an issue where Sigil of the Empty Throne was not being triggered when casting a Vanguard support.
  • Fixed an issue where Myriad Construct would not create tokens once destroyed by a spell that moves it out of the battlefield.
  • Fixed the issue where the player would not be allowed to use Saheeli Rai’s Vehicular Assembly ability while there was only Enchanted Carriage in the deck.
  • Fixed an issue where Glasspool Mimic would die after entering the battlefield on the AI’s side while having a creature on the player’s side.
  • Fixed an issue where the opponent’s Swarm Shambler would get triggered when the player cast Cultivate.
  • Fixed an issue where Sporeweb Weaver would be triggered when the Planeswalker was dealt with damage directly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sacrifice objective would not count cards with the “exile and then return to the battlefield” effect.
  • Fixed an issue in Duets of Mana – Tears and Memories event where the deck and Planeswalker used were not selected when proceeding to the next encounter.
  • Fixed an issue in the Challenge of the Courts – Garenbrig event, where the First Strength Challenge event support, would reinforce a Human creature.
  • Fixed an issue where Omen of the Hunt would give extra swaps to 5-match when converting gems.
  • Fixed an issue where Daxos the Returned’s Eidolon of Longing ability would not be triggered if the player decided not to replace a creature with the Eidolon of Longing token.
  • Fixed an issue where a creature would enter the battlefield with its mana cost still increased after being returned to the player’s hand by Teferi, Hero of Dominaria’s Spiraling Time ability.
  • Fixed an issue where Karn, Scion of Urza‘s token was not counting Vanguard Supports as supports regarding its effect.
  • Fixed an issue with Arlinn Kord’s ability (Touch of the Moon) where it would not create its token if the first effect doesn’t happen.
  • Fixed an issue with the interaction between Gideon’s Triumph and Borborygmos where Borborygmos’ effect would still happen after Gideon’s effect destroy the creature.
  • Fixed an issue where Crawling Barrens’s buff effect would only trigger on the first reinforcement.
  • Fixed an issue where Quartzwood Crasher would not trigger properly sometimes under the opponent’s control.
  • Fixed some issues where Throne of Makindi would not trigger its Kicker effect properly in different scenarios. 
  • Fixed an issue where Confounding Conundrum‘s mana bonus effect would only maintain itself for 1 turn instead of 2.
  • Fixed the issue with tokens’ mana cost not being considered as 0.
  • Fixed an issue where Fierce Empath was not receiving the buff from Turntimber Symbiosis.
  • Fixed an issue where Nissa of the Shadowed Boughs’s Reclaimed Zendikon token was not buffing properly.
  • Fixed an issue in The Colossal Tussle event, where Nylea, Kenn-Eyed would not be triggered if cast after Song of Creation.
  • Fixed the issue when a token with a basic evergreen given by a support was destroyed and created again right after that, then the game would soft locks and crash.
  • Fixed a frequent crash when two tokens were fighting against each other.
  • Fixed an issue where Unburden’s effect was not triggered when targeting the opponent Planeswalker.
  • Fixed an issue where Sarkhan, Fireblood’s Dragon’s Hunger ability would draw a card even if the player was not able to discard a creature when there were only creatures in the player’s hand.
  • Fixed an issue where the Heroic mechanic would not trigger its effect when targeted by a card that moves it from the battlefield.

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