Posted on June 23rd, 2021 / Michael


New Feature

Rewarded Video Ads

In this release, we’re introducing the Rewarded Video Ads, a new source of rewards. Now you can access the WATCH AD area in your Side Menu to watch a video ad and get rewards such as Mana Crystals, Mana Jewels, or a Booster Pack.

Some important points to know about the feature:

  • There will be a place in-game where you can choose to click and watch the Rewarded Video Ad;

  • ADS will NOT appear on your screen out of a sudden;
  • New videos will be available to be watched every 7 hours.

Check our FAQ regarding this topic to be up to date with all the details of the new feature, and there you will also find a “how-to” guide!


  • Changed the Loyalty cost of Kasmina, Enigma Sage’s 2nd ability, Unsolved Enigma. From:
    • 15 Loyalty (in every level) TO 12 Loyalty (in every level)
  • New visual inside the Coalition Chat.

  • New button on the Story Mode area to SWITCH the Planeswalker for that battle.

  • Fixes

    • Fixed some text issues.
    • Fixed PW Frost and Sparks (STX) which displayed an incorrect number of Mana Bonuses for Rowan, Scholar of Sparks.
    • Fixed an issue with the Doomskar Claimants event, where the Boast objective was not counting the Boast abilities used to kill the opponent.
    • Fixed the issue where some tokens destruction or exile would cause a soft lock.
    • Fixed the issue with the Icebreaker Kraken card. Now Icebreaker Kraken will only have its cost reduced when you make your first match during your turn.
    • Fixed the issue with the Witch’s Cottage card, which was selecting the first 4 cards in the graveyard instead of selecting the first 4 creatures.
    • Fixed the issue with Gnottvold Slumbermound where the token (Troll Warrior) was not being created when the creature was destroyed on the opponent’s turn.
    • Fixed the Grab Hook card trigger and now this card’s prompt is triggered only for the first creature that attacks.

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