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MtGPQ Nahiri Planeswalker 2016

The exciting new v1.6.0 update arrives today for Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest! Let’s have a look at the patch notes and explore the new content!

Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest 1.6 Release Notes

New Features / Content
New card set: Shadows over Innistrad
New mechanics: Delirium, Madness, Investigate and Transform!
New Planeswalker!
Coalitions Sign Up
New PvP Event: Terrors in the Shadows
New Match Rule: Enraged Match
Balance changes

New Card Set – Shadows Over Innistrad
This update adds a brand new card set: Shadows over Innistrad! Explore Innistrad and its mysteries. More than 180 new cards are being added to the game. 10 cards will be available through Special Offers and Event Rewards exclusively for a limited time.

New Mechanics
This new card set brings a whole new set of mechanics to enhance your game and defeat your enemies!

Delirium: When a card has the Delirium keyword, it will trigger its ability when 5 or less gems of the card’s color are on the board at the moment the ability triggers.

Discard: We have unified the Discard keyword so that it is clear and used everywhere. Whenever a card has “Discard 1”, for example, the target of the ability will Discard the last card in their hand.

Madness: This ability gives mana to cards with the Madness ability whenever another card is Discarded from the players hand – the exact amount is listed as the number next to the keyword (Madness 3 gives 3 mana to the card). Cards with Madness cannot be Discarded through spells and effects, but it is possible to gather mana for multiple Madness cards with a single Discarded card.

Investigate: This new keyword creates a Support gem with a 2-turn countdown whenever it triggers. The Support gem draws a card when it is Destroyed (whether it is matched or it’s countdown expires).

Transform: Transform is one of the cooler mechanics of the set! Some cards may Transform under special condition (listed on the card) – some of the more noteworthy are the multiple Werewolves present in the set. When a card Transforms, it typically gains better stats and abilities, and each card has a different way of Transforming (Werewolves are always similar, but other cards that can Transform do so under very specific circumstances).

New Planeswalker!
This update brings Nahiri, the Harbinger to Magic: the Gathering – Puzzle Quest! Nahiri is a Red and White Planeswalker, but don’t be fooled – her abilities are very different than what Ajani has to offer.

Stoneforge: Give your creatures +1/+1 (up to +4/+4 at rank 4)

Lithomancy: Discard 1 card, Draw 1 card, Destroy 1 White Gem (Discard 1, Draw 2 and Destroy 3 White Gems at rank 4)

Harbinger: Give a creature you control Haste and Trample until the end of your turn. That creature is also reinforced once (up to 4 times at rank 4) until the end of your turn.

More Planeswalkers are also coming, so stay tuned!

Coalitions Sign Up
This update also brings forward Coalitions. As of now, you can Create your Coalition, Join a Coalition and Manage your Coalition. This will give you time to prepare for when we enable the full functionality of Coalitions, which will drop when the next major update arrives! We have big plans for the Coalitions feature and it will be a major focus for the next few updates as we add more ways to team up with your friends, overcome bigger challenges, and earn more rewards.

Event: Terrors in the Shadows
Terrors in the Shadows is a new Player vs Player Event in Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest introducing the new Enraged match rule. Battle decks made by other players in Enraged matches to win exclusive rewards!

New Match Rule: Enraged Match!
In keeping with the madness overtaking Innistrad, this match rule doubles all damage on Planeswalkers after 5 turns! This is one that we’re really excited to see out there as it will add a new wrinkle to play and speed things up significantly once the battle becomes Enraged.

Card balance changes
Undergrowth Champion: No longer immune to Destroy effects.

Bug Fixes
– Multiple bug fixes for Cards & Planeswalkers abilities.
– Multiple bug fixes & Improvements of Quick Battles.
– Multiple bug fixes for Progression (rewards in Story Mode & Quick Battle).
– Multiple bug fixes & Improvements for connectivity and error messages handling.

Additional Bug Fixes are also being addressed but are not listed here in the notes.