Posted on August 16th, 2022 / MARVEL Puzzle Quest

She-Hulk (Origin)
4-Star Rarity
Affiliations: Heroes, Enhanced, Gamma Mutates

“Jennifer Walters, a former prosecutor at the District Attorney’s office, suddenly gains Hulk-like powers after an accident exposed her to the gamma-radiated blood of her cousin, Bruce Banner. Now as She-Hulk, she leads the Super Hero division of the law firm GLK&H. She must take on a variety of clients, including Emil Blonsky, aka Abomination, all while navigating life as a woman in her thirties who has been thrust into the spotlight.”

(Abilities listed at level 70, followed by 270)
4668 Health / 17288 Health
 9 | 33 | 37 | 10 | 42 | 8 | 23 | 4.0x
 12 | 65 | 74 | 13 | 85 | 11 | 43 | 4.0x

Damages – 8  AP
You make a strong argument, but mine’s stronger. She-Hulk leaps into a full-force punch dealing 486 damage and sending her target flying through any unfortunate walls behind them; for every Protect tile on the board up to 2, destroy those tiles and deal 116 damage per tile; all damage ignores Protect tiles. (Prioritizes enemy tiles). (Destroyed tiles do not deal damage or generate AP). (Max level 947/226 damage)

  • Level 2: Deals 851 damage, 174 per Protect tile. (Max level 1657/339 damage)
  • Level 3: Up to 3 Protect tiles.
  • Level 4: Deals 1298 damage, 232 per Protect tile. (Max level 2528/452 damage)
  • Level 5: Deals 1823 damage, up to 4 Protect tiles, 326 per Protect tile. (Max level 3551/635 damage)
Heroic Defense – 8  AP
She-Hulk creates a 3-turn Blue Heroic Defense Countdown tile. While this tile is on the board, if an ally would take more than 130 damage, She-Hulk creates a 46 strength Protect tile before damage is applied. When the Countdown tile expires, She-Hulk gains 2 Green and Red AP. (Max level 253 minimum damage, strength 90 tile)

(PASSIVE) She-Hulk comes prepared to every fight with a Blue Heroic Defense Countdown tile.

  • Level 2: Creates a strength 64 Protect tile. (Max level strength 126 tile)
  • Level 3: Creates a strength 83 Protect tile. (Max level strength 162 tile)
  • Level 4: Creates a strength 92 Protect tile. Gains 3 Red and Green AP. (Max level strength 180 tile)
  • Level 5: Creates a strength 147 Protect tile. (Max level strength 288 tile)
YEET – 9  AP
Look, you know what it means. I have to speak to the terms of today. I’m not proud of this. She-Hulk flings a piece of rubble from the current battle. Deals 500 damage to the enemy and 150 damage to the enemy team, both increased by 9% for every Red AP over 9, consuming the additional AP. You wouldn’t like Jen when she’s angry. (Max level 974/292 damage)
  • Level 2: Deals 655 damage to the enemy and 228 damage to the enemy team, increased by 10%. (Max level 1276/444 damage)
  • Level 3: Deals 785 damage to the enemy and 315 damage to the enemy team, increased by 11%. (Max level 1529/613 damage)
  • Level 4: Deals 1070 damage to the enemy and 482 damage to the enemy team, increased by 12%. (Max level 2084/937 damage)
  • Level 5: Deals 1590 damage to the enemy and 836 damage to the enemy team, increased by 14%. (Max level 3097/1626 damage)

Release Events


Fight for Wakanda – 8/18 – 8/22

She-Hulk (Origin) in Placement Rewards

Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D. – 8/21 – 8/26

She-Hulk (Origin) in Progression rewards

Meet Rocket & Groot – 8/22 – 8/25

She-Hulk (Origin) shards in Progression rewards

Rewards tokens to the The Hulk vault


Hulk (Immortal) – Immortal Combat – 8/18 – 8/22

Rewards tokens to the The Hulk vault

She-Hulk (Origin) – Class Action – 8/21 – 8/24

She-Hulk (Origin) shards as Placement rewards


The Hulk Vault 8/22 – 8/26

80 Item Vault:

  • 3x 4-Stars
    • 1x She-Hulk (Origin) cover
    • 1x Hellcat cover
    • 1x Random 4-Star cover
  • 7x Tokens
    • 1x Legendary token
    • 1x Mighty Token
    • 2x Heroic Tokens
    • 3x Beginner Support tokens
  • 6x Iso-8
    • 1x 5,000 Iso-8
    • 2x 2,500 Iso-8
    • 3x 1,000 Iso-8
  • 15x 3-Stars
    • 3x IronMan Model 35 cover
    • 12x Random 3-Star covers
  • 49x 2-Stars
    • 10x Storm Classic cover
    • 39x Random 2-Star covers

In addition, we will be giving out a FREE She-Hulk (Origin) cover to celebrate her release when she arrives in the game.  Also, be sure to check out MPQ this week and play each day (now through August 21) to earn a daily token to the Holding Court Vault! To earn the token you need to play and win with one of the following characters: She-Hulk (Modern), Black Widow (Any), Medusa, Scarlet Witch (Any), Storm (Any), Hellcat, Spider-Woman, Invisible Woman, or Valkyrie.

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