Posted on August 5th, 2015 / liquid

Hello everyone,

We’ve got something special today for forum-goers and readers of the D3 Go! blog. We can now reveal that a brand new, 1-Star Spider-Man will be arriving August 10th in Marvel Puzzle Quest!

Spider-Man (Original) arriving soon in 'Marvel Puzzle Quest'

Spider-Man (Original) arriving soon in Marvel Puzzle Quest

Players new to Marvel Puzzle Quest will meet Spider-Man (Original) as they begin the all-new tutorial and play through the early stages of the game. Players who are deeper into the game will have the chance to grab their own Spider-Man (Original) as Standard Cover rewards and in Standard Cover Packs.

Marvel Puzzle Quest Spider-Man Original All Tied UpMarvel Puzzle Quest Spider-Man Original Spectacular Strategy

For a detailed look at Spider-Man (Original)’s awesome abilities; Web Swing, All Tied Up and Spectacular Strategy – you can visit the D3 Go! forums.

Marvel Puzzle Quest Spider-Man Original Character InfoMarvel Puzzle Quest Spider-Man Original Biography

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