Posted on February 13th, 2017 / Arthur

Hey Everyone,

Here are the Release Notes for the R120 update!

MPQ 120!

“It’s a magical place!”

What’s Changed:

• Syncing the game save of your account is now more efficient.

• Players on Android and Amazon platforms should no longer be charged for items they did not receive when the internet connection is interrupted during the purchasing process.

• The game will no longer crash in rare situations where a down character in the Character Select screen is replaced with another character.


• Black Bolt

– The Silent King no longer ignores certain characters at Power level 4 or 5.

– The game will no longer crash when a Motivation tile, created by The Silent King, and a countdown tile expire at the same time.

• Doctor Strange (Sorcerer Supreme)

– The tile created by Eye of Agamotto now uses the correct image.

• Black Panther (Civil War)

– Panther’s Prey now does additional damage when Attack tiles deal damage to the character targeted by the power.

– Move… Or Be Moved now activates correctly when Strike tiles increases the damage done past the damage threshold.

– Move… Or Be Moved now activates correctly when an opposing Black Panther (Civil War)’s power Panther’s Prey increases the damage done past the damage threshold.

– Move… Or Be Moved can be activated by Thanos’ power Court Death.



  • I’m an Android user and I keep getting a ” check Internet connection ” message. Obviously my Internet is fine if I can leave a comment. Please fix b4 I lose my covers.

  • Raul Capeles says:

    I have had no luck opening Marvel Puzzle Quest at all today. Just a constant “Check Internet Connection” message the whole day.

  • the game is crashing when i try to open it . It simply close the App . And it happened since the last update 13 Feb 2017.
    Can someone help me?? im getting crazy for not playing the game and im scared if im delete and download the app again…….. cause i don’t know if my account save my last new hero cards..

  • CR Bones says:

    When are you guys gonna fix the **** VIP renewal problem (on BOTH Android & IPhone’s) where nobody in the Alliance gets our Command points from renewing consecutive months of VIP? Our Alliance Angry Deadpool has been having this problem for 3 months now. & each month 4 to 5 different people, both inside the United States, & outside of it are having this problem. Now myself, & my other Commander (who is my Fiance & we live in the same house in the United States & have been VIP members since it started) both just purchased our seperate VIP for the month, & nobody got our Command points! PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM ALREADY!!! (& YES we have the current version of the game, & YES we closed it completely down, & then restarted MPQ, & STILL NOTHING!) We’re tired of spending all this money on your game when it’s got something as big as this wrong with it all the time. & this problem shouldn’t take a month or more to fix this each time one of our members has this problem, but it does. & now we can’t even add a pictures when sending in an email from the help section of the game either! These are serious issues you guys need to fix. So please DO SO…😲😠😠😠😝

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