Posted on September 10th, 2018 / Arthur

Hi Everyone,

Here are the Release Notes for the R161 update:

MPQ 161!

  •  “Cat-Like Reflexes”

What’s Changed:

  • The Character Select screen in missions that contain required characters will default to displaying your highest level characters now.
  • Abilities that specifically state only one of its created tiles can exist will no longer create another tile, if it’s activated by a power that activates other powers.
    • Example: “Mockingbird’s ‘Opportunist’ will not cause Black Bolt’s ‘The Silent King’ to create another Motivation tile, if there is already an existing Motivation tile on the board.”
  • Fixed a few instances where power banners were being displayed for each activating Countdown tile per turn, instead of only the first.
  • Notification text no longer appear cut off on Android devices.
  • Starting with R161, players who purchased the Starter offer will start to see other offers become available to them.

Character Changes / Fixes:

  • Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius)‘s power ‘Insult to Injury’ now activates when matching an enemy Repeater tile.
  • The Passive component of Gamora (Awesome Mix Volume 2)‘s power ‘The Deadliest Woman’ will no longer activate if there are enemy Purple Invisibility tiles with friendly purple special tiles.
  • Jessica Jones (Alias Investigations)‘s power ‘Body Check’ can no longer be activated when the only target is Airborne or Invisible.
  • Loki (God of Mischief)‘s power ‘Shadowplay’ and Medusa (Inhuman Queen)‘s power ‘Entanglement’ will continue to function after a wave has been completed.
  • Okoye (Warrior General)‘s power ‘Wakanda Forever’ now increases damage of Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes)‘s power ‘Precision Shot’.
  • The tile created by Vision (Android Avenger)‘s power ‘Density: Heavy’ will no longer be removed between waves.
  • The tile created by Vulture (Adrian Toomes)‘s power ‘One Fell Swoop’ will continue to function correctly, if the color of the tile is changed before it activates.
  • Vulture (Adrian Toomes)‘s power ‘Hybrid Slicer’ generates AP for each tile destroyed.

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