Posted on June 22nd, 2020 / Michael

Hi Everyone –

Here are the R205 Release Notes:

‘Welcome home”

Enjoy your summer in MPQ with an all-new character, hot bundles, and sizzling content!

  • Additional quality of life updates have been made to the functionality of equipping supports from the Supports screen:
    • The name of the Support is displayed at the top of the screen.
    • If the Support is already equipped to a character, the character will be displayed first with a special banner.
    • All characters that the Support’s synergy perk applies to are sorted to the front and are highlighted.
    • The roster can be sorted by Favorite Heroes.
  • Wolverine (X-Force)’s green power “X-Force” now correctly deals damage for destroyed tiles.
  • Thanos (The Mad Titan)’s “Infinite Power” now prevents powers from swapping tiles.
  • The  synergy perk for the “Hope Summers” Support now correctly triggers once for each Charged tile matched by the enemy, instead of once for each enemy match that includes a Charged tile.
  • Added a sound effect when closing certain popups and deselecting tiles.
  • Power banners for a few Supports have been updated to be more clear and accurate.

Thank you for playing!

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