Posted on October 12th, 2020 / Michael

Hi Everyone –

Here are the R213 Release Notes

“Dig for victory”

  • Keep those Taco Truck orders going with Deadpool (Spirit of Vengeance) in his featured events now!
  • A brand new Team Select filter allows your strongest collection of teams to be assembled and saved!
  • The match-3 war continues with the start of the Time Stone Season on 10/15.

Additional Details:

  • Team Selection Screen Update
    • Team Selection Screen has been updated with an all new visual style
      • The screen is now scrolled vertically.
      • Sorting and filtering options are now available.
      • Selecting the “Train” or “Info” button now always leads to that character’s info screen.
    • Team-Ups and Boosts are now equipped on the same screen as team selection
      • The enemy team-up now displays on the prior mission info screen
    • Supports are visible from the team select screen alongside existing info like health, rarity and level
  • New Saved Teams functionality
    • Teams can now be saved with the “Save” button in team selection
      • Up to 6 teams can be saved at a time.
      • Loaned characters cannot be saved as part of a team.
    • Teams can be loaded, renamed, or deleted with the “Saved Teams” button
  • While offline, attempting to enter an event with offsets now correctly displays an error message
  • Added a sound when selecting buttons on the support info screen
  • Supports now correctly display “Swap Support” or “Equip Support” depending on the action being taken

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