Posted on July 6th, 2021 / Michael

Hi Everyone –

Here are the R231 Release Notes.

“You are a pirate”

  • Volts, Bolts, and Jolts…Electro (Francine Frye) is in select events now!
  • Celebrate 5 years of Peggy Carter in MPQ with in-game activities and a FREE gift! (Login gift sent July 5)
  • Don’t miss the I, Spy PVP on July 8 featuring every Black Widow in the game!
  • Prepare to be puzzled! Starting July 14th log in to MPQ for details on “The Puzzle Quest” and join the search for 4 clues to earn incredible prizes!

Additional Details:

  • Updated multiple PVP backgrounds to make the Points rewards more visible.
  • Updated Silver Surfer’s “Black Hole” tile image to make the counter more visible.
  • Powers that trigger when a Fortified tile is destroyed such as Misty Knight’s “Saturday Knight Specialist” now correctly trigger or do not trigger under the correct conditions.
  • When playing against a 5* Carnage with “Knull and Void”, the passive now correctly does not trigger until the enemy team’s first turn, instead of triggering on the player’s first turn.
  • Lizard’s “R-Complex” Repeater tiles now correctly remain on the board after downing the last enemy of a wave.
  • For multiple character powers that change tiles on the board, when attempting to fire those powers while 5* Thanos’ “Infinite Power” tile is on the board, a “Power Cannot Fire” pop-up correctly displays instead of the power firing and consuming AP with no effect.

Thanks for playing!

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