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Sersi (Eternals)
5-Star Rarity
Affiliations: Heroes

“In the thousands of years they’ve been on Earth, most Eternals have found it difficult to live among mortals. Sersi, however, never had as much trouble pretending to be human. She claims her talent with transmutation lets her see how even the most ancient, unchanging things can become something else in an instant.”

(Abilities listed at level 255, followed by 450)
16032 Health / 64438 Health

 186 | 26 | 31 | 238 | 212 | 29 | 118 | 3.0x
 743 | 103 | 121 | 955 | 849 | 112 | 472 | 3.0x

Cosmic Purpose – 3  AP
Sersi, with the other Eternals, is tasked with protecting and guiding the Earth as it awaits its destiny, but she determines for herself how to fulfill that task. Choose a color, Sersi converts 3 tiles of that color to other random colors and this power becomes Cosmic Path in the chosen color.
  • Level 2: No change.
  • Level 3: Converts 4 tiles to other colors.
  • Level 4: No change.
  • Level 5: Converts 5 tiles to other colors.

Cosmic Path –  PASSIVE
(PASSIVE) Sersi has chosen her path. New tiles are 50% less likely to be in this power’s color. At the start of turn, if there are fewer than 5 tiles of this color on the board, Sersi creates a 236 strength Strike, Attack, or Protect tile. (Max level 950 strength tile)

 or  : Attack tile
 or  : Strike tile
 or  : Protect tile

  • Level 2: Creates a tile with 261 strength. (Max level 1052 strength tile)
  • Level 3: Creates a tile with 287 strength. (Max level 1154 strength tile)
  • Level 4: Creates a tile with 333 strength. (Max level 1340 strength tile)
  • Level 5: Creates a tile with 426 strength. (Max level 1713 strength tile)
Gift of Transmutation – 9  AP
Sersi alters the basic nature of matter as easily as revising the words of a poem. Choose a color other than Green, Sersi converts 4 random tiles to that color. She fortifies up to 2 friendly special tiles in that color and increases their strength by 148. (Max level 594 strength)
  • Level 2: Increases strength of Fortified tiles by 190. (Max level 764 strength)
  • Level 3: Fortifies up to 3 tiles and increase their strength by 254. (Max level 1018 strength)
  • Level 4: Converts 5 tiles to the chosen color. Fortifies and strengthens all friendly special tiles of that color.
  • Level 5: Converts 6 tiles to the chosen color. Increases the strength of tiles by 296. (Max level 1188 strength)
Eternal Life –  PASSIVE
(PASSIVE) Immortality means plenty of time for planning ahead. Whenever her team makes a Match-5 or greater, Sersi creates a 3-turn Fortified Countdown tile. When it expires, it deals 2953 damage to the enemy team. If Sersi becomes Downed while one or more of these tiles is on the board, remove one and revive Sersi with 30% health. (Max level 11870 damage)
  • Level 2: Deals 3290 to the enemy team. Revives with 35% health. (Max level 13227 damage)
  • Level 3: Deals 3628 to the enemy team. Revives with 40% health. (Max level 14583 damage)
  • Level 4: Deals 4345 to the enemy team. Revives with 50% health. (Max level 17466 damage)
  • Level 5: Deals 6159 to the enemy team. (Max level 24757 damage)


Store Offerings

Sensational Sersi Cover Store – Nov 18-28

  • Chance to get Sersi (Eternals). Increased chances in 10x and 40x pulls

Sersi Limited Vault – Nov 18-23

  • 40 Items
    • 1x Ever Watchful Legendary Store Token
    • 1x 4-Star The Hydra Stomper (Steve Rogers) cover
    • 3x Random 3-Star covers
    • 6x Heroic tokens
    • 4x 2500 Iso
    • 6x 1000 Iso
    • 5x 500 Iso
    • 14x Two stars

Ever Watchful Legendary Store – Nov 25-30

  • 15% chance to get Sersi (Eternals), Heimdall (The Gatekeeper), Captain Marvel (MCU)
  • Additional Tokens can be purchased for 25 Command Points

Release Debut:

Thick As Thieves – Nov 18-23

  • Sersi (Eternals) in placement rewards

Introducing… Sersi – Nov 18-25

Featured Event:

Lost In Time – Nov 22-26

  • Sersi (Eternals) as a progression reward

Versus Tournaments:

Fist Bump (Iron Fist) – Nov 18-22

  • Sersi (Eternals) shards as a placement reward

Sersi No Evil – Nov 21-24

  • Rewards tokens to the Sensational Sersi cover store

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