Posted on July 26th, 2017 / Michael

Pro Tour Hour of Devastation (#PTHOU) taking place in Kyoto, Japan is finally here! Both #TeamPuzzleQuest and #TeamD3Go are fighting to the finish to end up on top. The 3-day event begins on July 27 at 5pm PT and the sponsored teams have been prepping together for the last couple of days to compete at their highest level!

At the Pro Tour Amonkhet last May, William (Huey) Jensen finished #13 (the top #TeamPuzzleQuest and #TeamD3Go finisher) while Owen Turtenwald and Reid Duke rounded out the Top Twenty at #18 and #20.

Coming into the Pro Tour, William Jensen has been on a tear in recent weeks.  After victory at Grand Prix Cleveland, he continued his winning ways at Grand Prix Kyoto.  He is for sure, one of the top players to watch throughout the weekend.

2017 marks the first year for the Pro Team Series where the top two teams (out of 32) are invited to compete at the Magic: The Gathering World Championship.  According to the event rules, throughout the year, teams are given scores based on Pro Points earned by team members at Pro Tours. The Pro Points earned by the top five of the six team members on each team will be added to a team’s score at the end of each Pro Tour, with the exception of Pro Tour Hour of Devastation, where the Pro Points earned from all six team members will be added to a team’s score

After Pro Tour Amonkhet, #TeamPuzzleQuest has 73 points and is currently #5 while #TeamD3Go! has 45 points and is currently #31.

Watch all the Pro Tour action starting on July 27 in Kyoto, Japan and the coverage will be streaming on Twitch. And follow the team members as they compete in the tour all weekend long (see Twitter handles below).

And don’t forget to play the recently released Hour of Devastation Card set in Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest as we have introduced new cards, planeswalkers, events and more.  Download Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest for FREE on the App Store and Google Play HERE and get ready to wage war in epic puzzle battles today!

Team Puzzle Quest (In Black Uniform)

Andrew Cuneo – https://twitter.com/AndrewCuneo

Jon Finkel – https://twitter.com/Jonnymagic00

Owen Turtenwald – https://twitter.com/OwenTweetenwald

Paul Rietzl- https://twitter.com/paulrietzl

Reid Duke – https://twitter.com/ReidDuke

William Jensen – https://twitter.com/HueyJensen

Team D3 Go! (In Maroon Uniform)

Brock Parker – https://twitter.com/brock_parker

Jelger Wiegersma – https://twitter.com/WJelger

Matt Costa – https://twitter.com/mattccosta

Tom Martell – https://twitter.com/tommartell

Shahar Shenhar – https://twitter.com/shaharshenhar

Ben Rubin – https://twitter.com/BenRubin_Magic

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