Posted on May 19th, 2015 / Michael


Adventure Time of course!!!  You may have seen our news today of Adventure Time Puzzle Quest coming to the App Store and Google Play this summer. We know that we are a few weeks away from launch and we are all eager to jump into the game (I know I am!) but the team at D3 Go! and WayForward are hard at work in bringing one AWESOME Adventure Time experience to players worldwide.

800x1280_ATPQ_Splash Screen

Here is an excerpt from the press release on what is to come –

“The mayhem will unfold with Finn and Jake journeying through the Land of Ooo and battling bad guys with totally mathematical abilities, an arsenal of equip-able items, and a boat load of sandwiches to fill your buns.  Developed by WayForward in partnership with Cartoon Network, Adventure Time Puzzle Quest will allow players to complete quests and daily events, collect new characters, and compete in numerous tournaments for radical prizes.”

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In the meantime, if you missed the news. Check out some of the mathematical news that is popping up on the web!






Michael Cerven (Communications Team)

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